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There’s nothing more fun than watching some good ole’ fashioned Tee-Ball. The Busam Subaru sponsored Sharonville Shooting Stars were in action last night against Sharonville Ameristop.

One of many close plays during a great game!

The co-ed league is made up of 5 and 6 year olds playing their hearts out. These kids love it, and are passionate just like 5 or 6 year old should be. On one particular play a Shooting Star was called. As she walked off the field I could see her eyes swelling up, she walked over to her mom and started balling… her mom gave her a big hug and said, “it’s ok, everybody gets out sooner or later!”

These parents are the kind you want coaching your child’s team. Coaches Brian Williams and Kelly Meyer are awesome with the kids. Everything always positive, encouraging, and ensuring everyone is having a great time!

The league is structured to be instructional. Teams consist of 10-11 players. Everyone bats and everyone plays the field each inning. The ball is teed up each time by a coach who stays at home base. The batting team also has 1st and 3rd base coaches. For the fielding team 3-4 coaches in the field to control the chaos.

The quote of the night goes to two parents. I heard from a distance…

Parent 1 – “No playing in the dirt”

Parent 2 – (In a little girl’s voice) “But Daddy, that’s the best part!”

Check out some action shots from the game!

#2 Karissa

We love Tee-Ball!!!

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Busam Subaru of Cincinnati

I want to thank the parents and players that posed for pictures and talking with me. I am already excited for next week! Maybe, I’ll be able to wrangle up some treats!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp (^AS) of Busam Automotive


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