Busam’s Greener Side

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As we all know automobiles can be hard on the environment. With that being said, it’s very important for car dealers to do their part. Busam Automotive is dedicated to being an environmentally conscious business. According to John Busam, of Busam Automotive, “We do our best to recycle anything that can be recycled.” We recycle oil, aluminum, metal, paper, cardboard, and plastic — Here’s how!

Reusing the Oil

The most routine car maintenance is changing the oil. Keeping your oil fresh and clean helps your engine run better and prolongs the life of your car. When you get your oil changed at Busam you are doing good on two levels:

  1. You’re taking care of your car
  2. You’re helping us heat our shop!

We use Clean Burn. Click here to learn more about Clean Burn. This repurposes used oil into fuel to heat our shop to keep our technicians nice and warm during those cold Cincinnati winters!

Clean Burn System used at Busam Nissan and Busam Subaru

The Metal and Aluminum

Busam Automotive has a full service and collision center, because of that we replace lots of metal and aluminum parts. Busam takes all non-biodegradable substances to area repurposing facilities. The facilities re-use the aluminum and metal to help produce a cleaner environment.

Some metal and aluminum on their way to be recycled

The Office Side of the Automotive Business

There is a lot of paperwork and other administrative work that goes into buying a car; therefore we use lots of paper. In addition to paper we receive parts in large cardboard boxes, and have a thirsty staff that enjoys bottles of water and cans of pop. Busam ensures that our paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles find their way to the recycling!

What do you do to help the environment? We’d love to hear more suggestions!

Until next time, ^AS of Busam Automotive, “The dealer closest to your Green heart!”