Reporters Need to Speak with Animal Lovers

Hello everyone ~ I wanted to pass along some info to our animal loving community. HARO, stands for Help A Reporter Out, is an email sent out 3 times daily (it’s FREE to subscribe) where reporters ask for sources for stories they are working on. The most recent HARO had two queries that might fit some of our pet-friendly community members.

To respond, copy and paste the email address and put HARO Query in the subject line ~ Then explain what knowledge you have about the topic  the reporter is asking about! It’s that easy (and FREE)!

(Tip: Remember reporters get lots of responses so keep your responses quick and concise!)

21) Summary: Why do people have more than one pet?

Name: suzanne Phillips (Book proposal on pets, people and relationships)Category: Lifestyle and Fitness


Media Outlet: Book proposal on pets, people and relationships

Deadline: 11:00 PM EST – 31 December

Query: Most pets are ” home to stay.” As a psychologist of many years
with an interest in pets and relationships I have rarely heard of
pets being replaced. Rather, once a person has a dog, cat or bird
they love they tend to get another….and another. Certainly in
most cases pets enjoy the company of other pets. The question,
however, is whether there is an emotional reason that an
individual or a couple starts with one and ends up with more? Do
both want it? Is it an Individual or couple dynamic?


17) Summary: Adopting a kitten from a shelter
Name: Dusty Rainbolt (Cat Fancy)

Category: General


Media Outlet: Cat Fancy

Deadline: 07:00 PM EST – 31 December

Query: I need to interview someone with a large and a small shelter or
rescue group about what to look for when adopting from a shelter.


If you have any questions you can contact me via phone (859.814.7034) or by email andrew.shipp@busamnissan dot com

Happy Pitching, and until next time I’m Andrew Shipp, ^AS of Busam Nissan, Subaru, and Suzuki.


Busam Subaru’s Donation to SPCA Cincinnati Goes to the Dogs (and cats)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Jim Retzlaff and Kelly Burke from SPCA Cincinnati to donate $500 from the Love a Pet adoption month at Busam Subaru.

Here is a great picture of Jim, Kelly and Bentley ~


I want to thank Jim and Kelly for taking the time out their busy day to meet with me ~ and I was even able to get a quick video clip of Jim.

Check out the clip by visiting Busam Subaru’s Youtube Channel!

If you’re not busy this weekend be sure and check out the Mt. Adams Reindog Parade ~ Everyone at SPCA Cincinnati is excited!

Until next remember, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Subaru ~ Remember to Love a Pet!

2 “Love a Pet” Rescues Donation Delivered ~ 2 More to Go!

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Today was a great day! I was given the opportunity to meet with 2 animal rescues (The League for Animal Welfare and Ohio Pug Rescue) who participated in Love a Pet at Busam Subaru.

Please click on the link below to visit Busam Subaru’s Youtube Channel and check out the great videos from Rebecca of The League for Animal Welfare and Teresa of The Ohio Pug Rescue. It was so fun much fun to work with these great organizations who do SO MUCH to help local animals!

Busam Subaru’s YouTube Channel

Make sure you check back soon for videos from SPCA Cincinnati and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue

Teresa of OPR accepting Busam Subaru's Donation

Rebecca of LFAW Accepts Busam Subaru's Donation!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp, of Busam Subaru

Dogs, Kitties, and Sunshine ~ Love a Pet at Busam Subaru

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Sunday was a great day! Love a Pet at Busam Subaru was a lot of fun! The sun was shining, dogs were barking, and kitties were looking cute. Our 4 participating rescues (SPCA Cincinnati, The League for Animal Welfare, Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, and Ohio Pug Rescue) were out in force with loads of great adoptable animals.

Check out some of these good looking pups!

OC from The League for Animal Welfare Says Hello!

Majestic the Playful Bullmastiff from SPCA Cincinnati

The best story from the day was Larry. A couple came in to check out the adoptable pups and fell in love! It was pretty incredible to see an animal find a new home. Larry might be one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen, what do you think?!


Remember that this is Love a Pet month at Busam Subaru ~ We are donating $100 to the participating rescue organizations for each new Subaru sold in November! So tell everyone to come in, get an awesome new vehicle and help find some animals new homes!

Don’t forget to check in on Foursquare and Tweet when you get to the dealership. Use the hashtag #loveapet to help spread the word!

A big thank you to Linda Stout of Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Rebecca Porter of The League for Animal Welfare, Jennifer Schneider of SPCA Cincinnati, and Teresa Livesay of Ohio Pug Rescue. These four people are heroes for doing everything they can to help animals find happy homes! They are all an integral part of helping us Love a Pet at Busam Subaru.

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Subaru

Busam Subaru Visits the Ohio Pug Rescue

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I recently had the opportunity to visit with Teresa Livesay of the Ohio Pug Rescue (OPR). In addition to being the Foster Care Coordinator for the Cincinnati and Dayton area, she hosts adoptable pugs as well.

Livesay started with OPR three years ago, and has seen 113 pugs pass through her home on their way to  adoption. Livesay said, “Pugs are great dogs to adopt because they are always happy and friendly. I think that’s why so many get adopted.”

There are currently two pugs up for adoption at Livesay’s home: Cajun and Trevor. I can tell you from personal experience, they are fun Pugs! Check out these cute pictures:

Cajun is a 2 year old who was pulled from a shelter. He has lots of life and is super friendly.


Trevor is a 5 year old who was an owner surrender. Cajun likes A LOT of attention. He would do best as an only pet.


OPR has been helping pugs find homes for 15 years with a 100% volunteer staff. There is an extensive network of host homes that take care of the pups until they are ready for adoption. Each OPR pug is spay or neutered, given all necessary shots, and microchipped before they are eligible for adoption.

Cajun, Trevor, and other Pugs will be up for adoption at our upcoming Love a Pet at Busam Subaru event. We are hoping for a big turnout to help get a lot of dogs adopted. Please let your friends know about this great event!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki

Lexi the Happy Boston

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I had the privilege of meeting Lexi the Boston Terrier with her owner and rescuer Wendy. Lexi is a 10 year old, who was rescued by Wendy almost 4 years ago.

Lexi the Boston

Wendy connected with Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue through a friend who knew about the rescue. Lexi was found as a stray, and then “shelter pulled”. Midwest works with animal control agencies to place Boston’s in the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue community.

Midwest is different from rescue’s like The League for Animal Welfare and SPCA Cincinnati because all dogs are kept in foster homes until they are adopted. The foster homes are the personal homes of volunteers for the rescue. It’s a great way to help Boston’s get healthy and adoptable.

Lexi is tons of fun, with endless energy. “I can’t express to you what a great dog Lexi is. When I first got Lexi you could tell something wrong, but she was a happy dog. She had problems socializing at first, but that only took about 4 weeks”, Wendy said. “Now Lexi is everyone’s favorite. When my nieces come and stay over, Lexi always sleeps with them.”

Fun Lovin' Lexi

Not only did Wendy adopt through Midwest, she has become a volunteer. She helps with processing adoption applications, and has helped place Boston’s with friends.

Lexi is the ultimate success story. After being found as a stray, she is passing on her new found happiness to others. Lexi is a Paw Pal with VITAS Hospice’s Paw Pal Program. Wendy (who works for VITAS Hospice) takes Lexi into hospice centers to play with hospice patients. “All of the patients love Lexi because she’s so well behaved and loves to be petted,” Wendy said. For more information on becoming a Paw Pal please contact Jill Grissom 513. 742.6310

Paw Pal Lexi

Lexi's Paw Pal Collar and Name Tag

To meet more Boston’s like Lexi please visit Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue online, or come and meet your new best friend at Busam Subaru’s Love a Pet Event on Sunday November 7th.

Click here to view the Facebook Photos for my day with Lexi and Wendy

View Busam Subaru’s Love a Pet page for additional information

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Subaru

Teddy in Flight, 6 Billion People and 1 Million March ~ This Week in History Since 1909

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Happy Friday to everyone. Hope you had a great week. We have lots of exciting stuff going on at our two locations. Busam Nissan has their National Tent Event in full swing, and we are starting to get the 2011 Nissan Juke’s in stock! At Busam Subaru we are getting geared up for our Love a Pet Event. If you have any questions about events going on at our dealerships please comment below and someone will be with you shortly!

Without further ado… This Week in History Since 1909

October 11, 1910 ~ Former President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. president to fly in an airplane. He flew for four minutes with Arch Hoxsey in a plane built by the Wright Brothers at Kinloch Field (Lambert-St. Louis International Airport), St. Louis, Missouri

Photo Courtesy of

October 12, 1995 ~ The Day of Six Billion: The proclaimed 6 billionth living human in the world is born.

October 16, 1995 ~ The Million Man March occurs in Washington, D.C.

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Nissan, Subaru, and Suzuki

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