Busam’s Great Looking Pair… of Car Bras!

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Today was a great day at our Nissan dealership. We were fortunate enough to host 5 truly amazing ladies. All 5 women are Breast Cancer Survivors! They took some time out of their busy schedules to come out and be the initial signers of “The Busam Pair’s” Car Bras.

The Initial Signers of The Busam Pair!

The car bras are being used to help raise money for The Susan G. Komen Foundation at Cincy Chic’s Bras with Flair on the Square. The event is designed to raise awareness and funds for The Susan G. Komen Foundation. To learn more information on the event please visit Cincy Chic’s website.

We outfitted 2 Nissan vehicles with black car bras. The 2010 Nissan cube and 2010 Nissan 370 Z will be out and about for multiple events where people can sign them with Bright Pink Paint Markers and take pictures to help raise money for The Susan G. Komen Foundation. Visit Busam Nissan’s website to learn all the details!

Check out the awesome photos below, or view the video on Youtube from today’s bra signing!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Nissan

The Signing Commences!

Marcy Kanter

Susie Fiore

Linda Croucher

Karyn Ganaway-Baley

Peggy Isenogle


What a Doggy Day!

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On Sunday May 16th we hosted our second pet adoption day. The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Ohio Pug Rescue, The League for Animal Welfare were on hand. Carolyn Evans, The PhoDOGrapher, was also on site to take pictures of all the pups.

The first to arrive was The League for Animal Welfare. Rebecca Porter, the event coordinator,  told me about The League’s bus, but I didn’t fully understand how cool this thing is!

This amazing bus was provided 100% paid for by an independent donor.

Shortly thereafter, The Ohio Pug Rescue and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue arrived to get their booths set up and ready to go!

Let the Games Begin!

Throughout the day, the rescues performed dog washes as well. There’s nothing like seeing a pup getting a bath, and feeling that water for the first time! Check it out!


During the event each rescue and The Phodographer recorded messages about their time at Doggy Days.  Check them out at our YouTube Channel

We had a lot of fun! A big thank you goes out to Linda Stout of Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Rebecca Porter and John Doughty of The League for Animal Welfare and to Teresa Livesay and Jeff Devitt of Ohio Pug Rescue.

Do you know of a rescue who would like to participate in our next event? The more the merrier! Please contact me so we can get as many pups as possible placed in homes!

Hope you’re having a great week, and until next time I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Automotive

Becoming a Part of the Busam Family

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So excited for our first official guest blog. Tammy Coffin-Hana is a former employee at Busam, who has since moved on to pursue a career as a copywriter.  Check here out at Copy Cats, Inc.


In the wake of a bad economy and a need for a better vehicle, many are left not knowing where to turn.  Consumers do want not only a car with great gas mileage and reliability, but they want to be able to buy from someone they can trust. They can most certainly trust Busam Nissan, Subaru/Suzuki.

Busam Nissan GM says "Thumbs Up!"

Having worked for them a few years ago, I can personally attest to the effort behind the business.  The Busam family has been in this business since 1909, and is a household name in Cincinnati.  Time and again I saw repeat business coming in from friends and family of previous buyers with the Busam dealerships.  Most of all, I got the pleasure of meeting some of the buyers and finding out what they had to say.  The echoing reply was, “I have been coming here for years and I wouldn’t buy a car anywhere else.”  This is something that instilled confidence in me to want to be a part of their business.

Growing up with a dad who was in the car business, I learned a lot about how trust is everything.  Dad would always tell me, “If people don’t trust you, they don’t buy from you”, and that statement has continued to stick with me.  When I first went to work for the Busam’s in 2007, I found out that the owner had the same idea.

John Busam didn’t believe that people would just walk onto the showroom floor and just pick out a car and drive it off the lot.  He wanted people to come in to the showroom, and be greeted by staff who would make them feel at home and guide the buyer through the whole process.  Mr. Busam wants the buyer to be educated about the vehicle they are buying, and leave knowing they bought a great quality vehicle for the best value.  Mr. Busam wants his customers to know that when they have questions, they can just pick up the phone and call at anytime.

Buying a car at Busam Nissan, or Subaru/Suzuki means becoming a part of the Busam family.  At this store you won’t find any buyers who just write checks and never return.  Buyers here are buyers for life, and that is the goal for this store because the family wants this business to grow and flourish.   A business that stands the test of time for over 100 years is a business anyone would want to be a part of.  This is why the Busam dealerships is “The Dealer Closest to Your Heart”.

You Are in Control

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Tell me if you’ve ever been here — You are slowing down to a stop light and out of nowhere, BAM, another driver isn’t paying attention and slams into the back of you.

You step out of your car to inspect the damage, and see you’re going to need some serious work done. The first thing you do is call your insurance company. You explain the situation and the insurance recommends a body shop. Did YOU know you don’t have to take your vehicle to your insurance recommended body shop.

You Are in Control

Many times these insurance recommended body shops do not sure factory certified parts or employ factory certified technicians. This can lead to problems down the road. Don’t let your insurance send you to an inferior body shop.

Bring your vehicle to Busam Automotive and we will become your ADVOCATE. We put ourselves in your shoes. We treat your car like its our personal vehicle. Working directly with the insurance company to ensure you get the highest quality factory certified products.

In addition to providing the highest quality service Busam Automotive provides a car concierge service. Concierge car coverage? Are you asking yourself aren’t concierge services only at hotels? Not anymore!

We will take care of your needs!

A hotel concierge makes sure you are taken care of when you’re in an unfamiliar environment. The same rules apply with a concierge car service. We are here to help and make arrangements for you. The same way a hotel concierge helps find your the best place to eat; we make sure you are taken care of during the most annoying process of an automobile accident.

We are your advocate, and take care of it all!

  • On-Site Accident Pickup
  • Substitute Transportation
  • Supervise Ongoing Repair Process
  • Insurance Paperwork
  • Quality Check
  • Final Detail Service
  • Vehicle Return

We are really excited to begin offering this service. The next time you are in an accident call us first!

Contact Chris Hartke @ 513.612.4650

Until next time I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Automotive

Busam Auto’s Yearly Service Recommendations

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It is important to keep up with routine maintenance. Keeping up with routine oil changes, fuel filters, among others is the best way to keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency.  After 100 years of vehicle maintenance experience Busam Automotive has come up with a comprehensive list of maintenance suggestions. We hope you can avoid any large maintenance bills down the road!


  1. Install New Factory Spark Plugs
  2. Set Adjustable Timing to Factory Specifications
  3. Replace Fuel Filter
  4. Add Injection Cleaner to Clean Fuel System
  5. Complete Transmission Review


  1. Inspect Front Disk Brake Pads
  2. Inspect Rear Disc or Drum Brakes
  3. Cleans and Adjust Brakes if Applicable
  4. Inspect Brake Cables and Hydraulic Lines

Drive Train

  1. Test Drive to Check for Abnormal Shifting/Slipping or Noise
  2. Check for Fluid Leaks and Automatic trnsmission Fluid Level

Engine and Drive Train Lubrication

  1. Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  2. Install All Weather Motor Oil
  3. Install Oil Filter
  4. Install Super Lubricant to Reduce Engine Wear
  5. Check All Other Fluid Levels, Top Off, and Check for Leaks

General Checks and Adjustments

  1. Check Antifreeze and Cooling System
  2. Adjust and Check Drive Belts
  3. Check Exhaust System
  4. Tire Rotation, if necessary
  5. Check Tires for Condition and Abnormal Wear
  6. Set Tire Pressure
  7. Check All electrical Functions and Light Operations
  8. Lubricate All Needed Areas (Battery terminals, Hinges, Locks, etc…)
  9. Check Wiper Blades to Ensure High Visibility in Adverse Conditions

Bumper to Bumper 27 Point Safety Inspection

I hope this helps you the next time your car goes in for service.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Until next time, I’m ^AS of Busam Automotive – “The dealer closest to your heart”