Busam Subaru Visits the Ohio Pug Rescue

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I recently had the opportunity to visit with Teresa Livesay of the Ohio Pug Rescue (OPR). In addition to being the Foster Care Coordinator for the Cincinnati and Dayton area, she hosts adoptable pugs as well.

Livesay started with OPR three years ago, and has seen 113 pugs pass through her home on their way to  adoption. Livesay said, “Pugs are great dogs to adopt because they are always happy and friendly. I think that’s why so many get adopted.”

There are currently two pugs up for adoption at Livesay’s home: Cajun and Trevor. I can tell you from personal experience, they are fun Pugs! Check out these cute pictures:

Cajun is a 2 year old who was pulled from a shelter. He has lots of life and is super friendly.


Trevor is a 5 year old who was an owner surrender. Cajun likes A LOT of attention. He would do best as an only pet.


OPR has been helping pugs find homes for 15 years with a 100% volunteer staff. There is an extensive network of host homes that take care of the pups until they are ready for adoption. Each OPR pug is spay or neutered, given all necessary shots, and microchipped before they are eligible for adoption.

Cajun, Trevor, and other Pugs will be up for adoption at our upcoming Love a Pet at Busam Subaru event. We are hoping for a big turnout to help get a lot of dogs adopted. Please let your friends know about this great event!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki


What a Doggy Day!

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On Sunday May 16th we hosted our second pet adoption day. The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Ohio Pug Rescue, The League for Animal Welfare were on hand. Carolyn Evans, The PhoDOGrapher, was also on site to take pictures of all the pups.

The first to arrive was The League for Animal Welfare. Rebecca Porter, the event coordinator,  told me about The League’s bus, but I didn’t fully understand how cool this thing is!

This amazing bus was provided 100% paid for by an independent donor.

Shortly thereafter, The Ohio Pug Rescue and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue arrived to get their booths set up and ready to go!

Let the Games Begin!

Throughout the day, the rescues performed dog washes as well. There’s nothing like seeing a pup getting a bath, and feeling that water for the first time! Check it out!


During the event each rescue and The Phodographer recorded messages about their time at Doggy Days.  Check them out at our YouTube Channel

We had a lot of fun! A big thank you goes out to Linda Stout of Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Rebecca Porter and John Doughty of The League for Animal Welfare and to Teresa Livesay and Jeff Devitt of Ohio Pug Rescue.

Do you know of a rescue who would like to participate in our next event? The more the merrier! Please contact me so we can get as many pups as possible placed in homes!

Hope you’re having a great week, and until next time I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Automotive

A Waggin’ Good Time!

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Puppy Dogs + Hot Dogs = Lots of fun! Yesterday was our pet adoption day: Doggy Days at Busam Subaru. We had such a great time and a great turnout.

Bark Bark --- Woof Woof (Translation = Doggy Days is Fun!)

Our Subaru showroom was packed with puppies and people. Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Ohio Pug Rescue and Sheltered Paws Rescue were out in force with some awesome looking dogs… and one duck!

A duck you say?! Yeah, this is a really great story. A baby duck was lost from her mama and family and had wondered up to our lot. In a moment straight out of the movies, one of the volunteers from Sheltered Paws Rescue took the baby duckling down to the pond and was able to reunite it with his family! It was so cool!

The day was also highlighted by a recently rescued St. Bernard named Barney! This dog was awesome. He was a gentle giant, especially with all the Pugs and Boston Terriers running around! We even got to give him a bath!

Barney is lookin' good!

The doggy wash was a lot of fun. We were able to get all the puppies nice and clean! At one point we had at least 30 dogs on the facility sniffing each other and making new friends.

Thanks so much to all the participating rescues for bringing all the animals out!

We had so much fun!

Until next time – I’m Andrew Shipp of Busam Auto – “The dealer closest to your heart”


Doggy Days at Busam Subaru

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Are you an animal lover? Are you looking for a new car? Well, Busam Subaru has just the event for you! Doggy Days at Busam is being held on Sunday April 25th. 4 local dog rescues will be on hand at our Subaru dealership to facilitate adoptions and answer questions. The event will last from 11 am – 3 pm (or whenever you stop playing with all the puppies!)

The 4 rescues on hand will be: The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, The Sheltered Paws Rescue, The Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, and The Ohio Pug Rescue. Please visit their sites, these are 4 awesome organizations that are doing their part to help! The most awesome part about these local organizations is that they are 100% volunteer based!

To help offset costs, so these volunteers can continue to help, we will be donating $200 for each registered car sold or leased in conjunction with the event. The total money raised will be evenly distributed among the 4 rescue shelters.

Lots of  fun activities will be going on as well! A raffle with loads of great prizes will be held. A “doggy wash” will also be available for donations to the rescue centers. Attendees will get the opportunity to learn proper dog automotive safety from The Anderson Family Township Pet Center. Snacks and refreshments will be available for all in attendance.

We are really excited about this event and we hope you’ll be able to come out and join us! Please pass the word along so we can help these great local organizations!

Do you know of any other local dog rescues? Let us know, we are planning another pet adoption day next month!

Until next time I’m ^AS of Busam Automotive “The dealer that barks closest to your heart!”