Reporters Need to Speak with Animal Lovers

Hello everyone ~ I wanted to pass along some info to our animal loving community. HARO, stands for Help A Reporter Out, is an email sent out 3 times daily (it’s FREE to subscribe) where reporters ask for sources for stories they are working on. The most recent HARO had two queries that might fit some of our pet-friendly community members.

To respond, copy and paste the email address and put HARO Query in the subject line ~ Then explain what knowledge you have about the topic  the reporter is asking about! It’s that easy (and FREE)!

(Tip: Remember reporters get lots of responses so keep your responses quick and concise!)

21) Summary: Why do people have more than one pet?

Name: suzanne Phillips (Book proposal on pets, people and relationships)Category: Lifestyle and Fitness


Media Outlet: Book proposal on pets, people and relationships

Deadline: 11:00 PM EST – 31 December

Query: Most pets are ” home to stay.” As a psychologist of many years
with an interest in pets and relationships I have rarely heard of
pets being replaced. Rather, once a person has a dog, cat or bird
they love they tend to get another….and another. Certainly in
most cases pets enjoy the company of other pets. The question,
however, is whether there is an emotional reason that an
individual or a couple starts with one and ends up with more? Do
both want it? Is it an Individual or couple dynamic?


17) Summary: Adopting a kitten from a shelter
Name: Dusty Rainbolt (Cat Fancy)

Category: General


Media Outlet: Cat Fancy

Deadline: 07:00 PM EST – 31 December

Query: I need to interview someone with a large and a small shelter or
rescue group about what to look for when adopting from a shelter.


If you have any questions you can contact me via phone (859.814.7034) or by email andrew.shipp@busamnissan dot com

Happy Pitching, and until next time I’m Andrew Shipp, ^AS of Busam Nissan, Subaru, and Suzuki.

Busam Subaru’s Donation to SPCA Cincinnati Goes to the Dogs (and cats)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Jim Retzlaff and Kelly Burke from SPCA Cincinnati to donate $500 from the Love a Pet adoption month at Busam Subaru.

Here is a great picture of Jim, Kelly and Bentley ~


I want to thank Jim and Kelly for taking the time out their busy day to meet with me ~ and I was even able to get a quick video clip of Jim.

Check out the clip by visiting Busam Subaru’s Youtube Channel!

If you’re not busy this weekend be sure and check out the Mt. Adams Reindog Parade ~ Everyone at SPCA Cincinnati is excited!

Until next remember, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Subaru ~ Remember to Love a Pet!

2 “Love a Pet” Rescues Donation Delivered ~ 2 More to Go!

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Today was a great day! I was given the opportunity to meet with 2 animal rescues (The League for Animal Welfare and Ohio Pug Rescue) who participated in Love a Pet at Busam Subaru.

Please click on the link below to visit Busam Subaru’s Youtube Channel and check out the great videos from Rebecca of The League for Animal Welfare and Teresa of The Ohio Pug Rescue. It was so fun much fun to work with these great organizations who do SO MUCH to help local animals!

Busam Subaru’s YouTube Channel

Make sure you check back soon for videos from SPCA Cincinnati and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue

Teresa of OPR accepting Busam Subaru's Donation

Rebecca of LFAW Accepts Busam Subaru's Donation!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp, of Busam Subaru

Lexi the Happy Boston

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I had the privilege of meeting Lexi the Boston Terrier with her owner and rescuer Wendy. Lexi is a 10 year old, who was rescued by Wendy almost 4 years ago.

Lexi the Boston

Wendy connected with Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue through a friend who knew about the rescue. Lexi was found as a stray, and then “shelter pulled”. Midwest works with animal control agencies to place Boston’s in the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue community.

Midwest is different from rescue’s like The League for Animal Welfare and SPCA Cincinnati because all dogs are kept in foster homes until they are adopted. The foster homes are the personal homes of volunteers for the rescue. It’s a great way to help Boston’s get healthy and adoptable.

Lexi is tons of fun, with endless energy. “I can’t express to you what a great dog Lexi is. When I first got Lexi you could tell something wrong, but she was a happy dog. She had problems socializing at first, but that only took about 4 weeks”, Wendy said. “Now Lexi is everyone’s favorite. When my nieces come and stay over, Lexi always sleeps with them.”

Fun Lovin' Lexi

Not only did Wendy adopt through Midwest, she has become a volunteer. She helps with processing adoption applications, and has helped place Boston’s with friends.

Lexi is the ultimate success story. After being found as a stray, she is passing on her new found happiness to others. Lexi is a Paw Pal with VITAS Hospice’s Paw Pal Program. Wendy (who works for VITAS Hospice) takes Lexi into hospice centers to play with hospice patients. “All of the patients love Lexi because she’s so well behaved and loves to be petted,” Wendy said. For more information on becoming a Paw Pal please contact Jill Grissom 513. 742.6310

Paw Pal Lexi

Lexi's Paw Pal Collar and Name Tag

To meet more Boston’s like Lexi please visit Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue online, or come and meet your new best friend at Busam Subaru’s Love a Pet Event on Sunday November 7th.

Click here to view the Facebook Photos for my day with Lexi and Wendy

View Busam Subaru’s Love a Pet page for additional information

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS, of Busam Subaru

Busam Subaru Visits SPCA Cincinnati

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Today was so much fun. I was fortunate enough to get a tour  SPCA Cincinnati facility with Development Coordinator Jennifer Schneider..  They are 1 of 4 participating organizations in our month long pet adoption drive at Busam Subaru.

Jennifer met me in the lobby of the gorgeous and welcoming facility.

The Main Lobby of SPCA Cincinnati Sharonville Location

The SPCA Cincinnati specializes in cat and dog adoptions, but does accept animals of all shapes and sizes. When you walk in the main lobby, you are greeted by lots of kitties in the “Kitty Condos”.

The Kitty Condos

The cats are able to stretch their legs in 1 of 2 rooms, with about 8 cats in each.

Laying Down for a Cat Nap

The facilities for the dogs are slightly different. There are 3 kennels for the large amount of dogs. Currently, all the adoptable dogs are at the Sharonville location while the other location is undergoing some construction.

Take a look at some of these lovable pups who need a good home. Unfortunately I don’t have names and info on these good lookin’ dogs. I guess that just means you’ll have to come out to our Love a Pet Event (#LoveaPet) on Sunday November 7th!

After meeting some cats and dogs I was able to learn about the adoption process the SPCA uses. Once someone comes in to meet their next best friend, there are “meet and greet” indoor rooms, as well as an enclosed outside “meet and greet” area.

Indoor Meet and Greet Area

Outdoor Meet and Greet Area

The staff helps potential adopters make a decision based on their living situation. They ask about yard size, if you have ever had an animal, and multiple other questions.  They go through these questions to ensure the animal will stay adopted. Jennifer said “there’s nothing worse than having a previously adopted pet brought back”.

I had so much fun getting to know some great cats and dogs, as well as touring the awesome facility full of great people.

Make sure to come to Busam Subaru on Sunday November 7th for our Love a Pet Event, or drop by the SPCA facility to find your next best friend!

Until next time, I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Subaru

What a Doggy Day!

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On Sunday May 16th we hosted our second pet adoption day. The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Ohio Pug Rescue, The League for Animal Welfare were on hand. Carolyn Evans, The PhoDOGrapher, was also on site to take pictures of all the pups.

The first to arrive was The League for Animal Welfare. Rebecca Porter, the event coordinator,  told me about The League’s bus, but I didn’t fully understand how cool this thing is!

This amazing bus was provided 100% paid for by an independent donor.

Shortly thereafter, The Ohio Pug Rescue and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue arrived to get their booths set up and ready to go!

Let the Games Begin!

Throughout the day, the rescues performed dog washes as well. There’s nothing like seeing a pup getting a bath, and feeling that water for the first time! Check it out!


During the event each rescue and The Phodographer recorded messages about their time at Doggy Days.  Check them out at our YouTube Channel

We had a lot of fun! A big thank you goes out to Linda Stout of Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Rebecca Porter and John Doughty of The League for Animal Welfare and to Teresa Livesay and Jeff Devitt of Ohio Pug Rescue.

Do you know of a rescue who would like to participate in our next event? The more the merrier! Please contact me so we can get as many pups as possible placed in homes!

Hope you’re having a great week, and until next time I’m Andrew Shipp ^AS of Busam Automotive

Doggy Days at Busam Subaru

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Are you an animal lover? Are you looking for a new car? Well, Busam Subaru has just the event for you! Doggy Days at Busam is being held on Sunday April 25th. 4 local dog rescues will be on hand at our Subaru dealership to facilitate adoptions and answer questions. The event will last from 11 am – 3 pm (or whenever you stop playing with all the puppies!)

The 4 rescues on hand will be: The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, The Sheltered Paws Rescue, The Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, and The Ohio Pug Rescue. Please visit their sites, these are 4 awesome organizations that are doing their part to help! The most awesome part about these local organizations is that they are 100% volunteer based!

To help offset costs, so these volunteers can continue to help, we will be donating $200 for each registered car sold or leased in conjunction with the event. The total money raised will be evenly distributed among the 4 rescue shelters.

Lots of  fun activities will be going on as well! A raffle with loads of great prizes will be held. A “doggy wash” will also be available for donations to the rescue centers. Attendees will get the opportunity to learn proper dog automotive safety from The Anderson Family Township Pet Center. Snacks and refreshments will be available for all in attendance.

We are really excited about this event and we hope you’ll be able to come out and join us! Please pass the word along so we can help these great local organizations!

Do you know of any other local dog rescues? Let us know, we are planning another pet adoption day next month!

Until next time I’m ^AS of Busam Automotive “The dealer that barks closest to your heart!”